RAYSTREAK was born from our unrelenting passion for adventure.

Setting out on a mission to bring affordable boards to the market, we started as a small brand who wanted to give customers value for their money. We offered what we hoped to see more of: quality surfboards and paddleboards that boast durability and affordability.

raystreak story

Up until today, we continue to appreciate the thrill of the outdoors and stay true to our commitment.

In a span of 5 years, the brand grew as a trusted supplier for surfing equipment. We built deep-rooted relationships with our customers who now treat us as their go-to surf shop.

Whether you’re a beginner or a skilled surfer, our boards are guaranteed to make the more out of your water adventures. From our humble beginnings creating our own designs, we now cater to sports enthusiasts across the globe.

Our brand message of “redefining boundaries” captures our love for exploring the fresh waters.


More than just a sports brand, Raystreak believes that outdoor gears are an extension of its user.

It’s through premium surfboards and paddleboards that adventurers can truly embrace the thrill of the outdoors. Every product we create boasts an eye-catching design and impressive durability.


We all share the same love for sports. Raystreak strives to be accessible to all adventurers.

Part of our commitment is delivering top-of-the-line surfboards and paddleboards for everyone. By going beyond profit and sales, we make it possible for enthusiasts to make the most out of their sea adventures.

Our journey with our team and our customers has been one for the books. We’ll continue to share our passion by bringing premium affordable surfing boards to fellow surfing lovers.